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IRS Tax Audits

Northern Louisiana IRS Tax AuditsIf you've received a notice that you're being audited by the IRS, contact us immediately, even if you believe you have filed everything correctly. The IRS will do their best to find any errors in your past returns but having an experienced tax professional in your corner will bring you peace of mind. First, we'll review the notice you received from the IRS and explain it in terms you can understand. Next, we'll assist you in collecting and arranging any documents and records you'll need for the audit. Finally, if you disagree with the tax authority's conclusions, we can work with you on the appeals process.

We'll Help You Stand up to the IRS

Request a consultation now! The tax professionals at S. Renee Stadius, CPA are Northern Louisiana tax professionals highly experienced in dealing with tax audits. We'll provide personal assistance through the entire process and will communicate with the IRS on your behalf to resolve any issues quickly and fairly.

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Have you received an IRS tax notice and aren't sure what to do? We'll save you time and hassles by working with the IRS to resolve your tax problems.

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S. Renee Stadius, CPA is here to help find solutions to your IRS tax problems. We work with individuals and businesses throughout Northern Louisiana.

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