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Wage Garnishment

payroll-checks.jpgWhen you have unpaid taxes and the IRS fails to get a response, they may implement a wage garnishment. If a wage garnishment is filed with your employer, the law requires that they comply and continue garnishing your wages until the debt is paid in full. This can take a big chunk out of the paycheck that you rely on to pay your bills. Often times a taxpayer cannot end wage garnishment on their own unless they are able to pay the full amount the IRS is demanding. The best way to deal with this problem is turn to a qualified Northern Louisiana tax professional like S. Renee Stadius, CPA to discuss your options. We'll work hard to try and end your wage garnishment as quickly as possible. We may even be able to negotiate an affordable payment plan so you can pay off your tax debt.

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Contact S. Renee Stadius, CPA and schedule a free consultation today. If you're the victim of wage garnishment or have an outstanding tax debt with the IRS and fear they may try to garnish your wages, call us now and get the help you need.

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